Hello September.  

School is back in full swing and while we haven't settled into a routine, small moments are providing comfort and reflection.  All late nights have been replaced by early mornings.  Everybody got the memo, but we're still teetering on whether we're on board with this whole September regimen or not.  


I don't think I'm alone in this, but since the first day of school, I've been collecting neon colored piles of papers.  Some look important with dates and others not so much. They are welcome letters, homework expectations, supplies needed, school maps, lunch menus, school bus information, school handbooks, and too many schedules and calendars.  Yikes!  I keep adding to the pile.  This weekend, I will sort through it.  Until then, the pile grows.

back to school pile of papers

Have mechanical pencils always been a school supply staple? My tables are littered with these pencils.  What happened to my No.2 pencils worn down to a stinky little nub?  I wouldn't admit this to my kids, but our favorite part of elementary school was the daily trip to the class pencil sharpener!  We used to live for that!  Whether you broke the tip off your pencil or it was too dull to use, we traveled up to that sharpener like it was a sacred shrine!  

My ritual was common.  Stick the pencil in, sharpen, pull it out, look at it, put it back in, sharpen until your pencil could be mistaken for a spear, blow the dust off, and slowly travel back to your seat.  Ridiculous, definitely, but it was a beloved school day tradition. 

september tomatoes

Hello September tomatoes, a common sight on our dinner table.  These tomatoes are slowly ripening.  Perhaps starting my garden in late May/June was a poor choice.  My green thumb is not what it could be!  Resolve to be a better gardener next year.

pile of wood


Hello September  

I love your warm days and cool nights!  There is something about a fire warming my hearth that makes me feel content and relaxed.  But it could also be the throw blanket I'm under, novel I'm reading, and glass of wine I'm drinking after I put my kids to bed that is giving me the warm fuzzies.  Whatever.  I'm all for it!

Dog with cone

Hello September

For the chilly nights and for a puppy that wakes me up nightly for a trip outside.  Get ready, boy!  Rochester winters are beautiful, but they do take a little getting used too.

It's a good thing that the cone of shame is coming off next week.  Mastering a cone, collar, leash, and rambunctious puppy in the wee small hours of the morning is preparing me for some life skill I haven't figured out yet.  There will be a call for this particular skill set one day, I'm sure of it!

September, I'm not completely won over, but you're on to something.