I love summer for the warm lazy days.  I admit it.  I’m not fond of planning big vacations, parties, or anything that requires more than a tote and snack!  


Life with kids makes for a busy school year with sports, homework, and hightailing it practices to participate in whatever given activity the kids are involved in.


So far, we’ve had an awesome summer, but maybe we’re in need of one last hurrah!  One or more fun adventures before we close the book on Summer 2014.


Some ideas I have are:


1. Let’s go down to the lake.  

Hey Rochester, it’s pretty neat to have Lake Ontario in your backyard.  For real, I know we don’t take advantage of this enough.  Charlotte Beach, Hamlin Beach, Durand Beach, wherever you like to dip your toes, it is a very worthwhile place to spend a couple of hours with the kids.  

Lake Ontario Swimming

I can get away with a blanket and a tote with a book, sand toys, & a couple snacks.  But be aware and call for lake conditions before venturing down to your chosen spot.  It can ruin a good day to get down to the beach and learn it’s closed for the day due to algae.  My impulsiveness and good intentions have been foiled by bad conditions a few times! Also some beach spots have lifeguards on duty and you may have to research beforehand to find those spots.


2. What’s more fun than chasing and catching fireflies at dusk!  Wow.  This               activity certainly provides laughter, thrills, and doesn’t cost me a dime!


3. Find a farm with pick your own fruit.  My kids love picking the berries almost as much as eating the fruits of their labor.  

Farm Stand Rochester

4. Go for a family bike ride.  We took a bike ride along the Erie Canal and the     kids couldn’t believe I’d never taken them before.  I was all “Calm down we’re doing it now”.  Gees, summer guilt trip…not my thing!  Or maybe it’s my thin skin.  Oh yeah, sunscreen must be applied generously to avoid sunburn.  My kids called me a red dragon for a week after our canal bike ride!


5. Go to a baseball game.  Oh my goodness, summer and baseball is classic.  

Rochester Redwings and Kodak Building

6. Take the kids to the drive in theater.  So much fun and still affordable.  We like to head to the Vintage Drive in in Avon, NY and catch a double feature on a cool summer night.  Don’t forget the bug spray, just in case.


7. Buy a couple toys in Target dollar spot and let them loose in the backyard.  One trip to Target scored bubbles, jump rope, and bug catchers. 

8. Weather too hot, we head indoors and go bowling.  Ah, the satisfying crack of the pins because I requested the bumper guards.  Everyone wins!


9. Catch a movie on a rainy day.  Nothing better.  

Smores Rochester

10.   You can’t do this everyday at my house, but once in a blue moon, you hear the ancient call of summer.  Ding, ding, ding, it’s the ice cream truck!  You never know when it’s coming, so keep a few dollars handy somewhere close to the door.  We have had meltdowns when I couldn’t get money out of my purse fast enough.  Oh no, nothing sadder than to only catch the taillights of an ice cream truck going around the corner while you’re holding the hand of a crestfallen small child.  


I lied.  This last activity can be stressful if you’re not properly prepared.  So heed my words and experience, be prepared or the shame could haunt you!