Autumn House PicIt’s October, summer is over, and you have decided to sell your house.  The fall season, is actually, a great time to sell your house.  Think of the autumn season as nature’s advertising to show your house off in all of its’ splendor!


Here are a few tips to ensure the successful sale of your house.

 1.     Fall in Rochester is especially beautiful because of the wonderful tree lined streets within our neighborhoods.  Take advantage of nature’s beauty and stage your photos when the leaves on the trees are rich with vibrant colors.  Work with nature and the glorious colors that naturally frame your house.

2.     We love our fall leaves, but it’s important to keep on top of the leaves that accumulate in your yard.  Prospective buyers first judge your house by it’s exterior and an unkempt front yard may turn off buyers.  Don’t forget to prune the shrubs and remove dead flowers.

3.     Short days are the hallmark of fall and that means you have to make sure to have adequate lighting to show your house.  Natural light fades fast and you have to have soft complimentary lighting to show off your house interior.

4.     It’s fall, so let’s take advantage of the lovely autumn décor that comes with it!  Perhaps a pumpkin or two in the front of the house or some fall foliage on the fireplace mantle to invoke that holiday spirit so prospective buyers can see themselves spending the holidays in your home.  Maybe bring a fall themed centerpiece to your dining or kitchen table too.

Fall Decor5.     Seasonal scents that softly linger, but not overwhelm the buyers.  Let them envision themselves spending future holidays in this house.  Seasonal candles are sold everywhere right now, so pick up an apple or pumpkin scent to convey something warm and delicious baking in the oven!

6.     Bring out some inexpensive, but still luxurious items to emphasize comfort.  A new throw blanket that you only bring out on showings to place on a chair or sofa to show the comforts your house.  Some plush towels to hang in your bathroom to give your rooms that designer look.  Be a frugal shopper at discount stores, like Marshalls or TJ Maxx and pick up a few of these items on the cheap!  A little Fall Decorinvestment for a big return!

7.     Most importantly, price accordingly.  The sales agents at NORCHAR have years of experience when it comes to selling real estate during this season and will work closely with you to ensure a successful sale!

Don't "FALL" into the hands of the wrong Real Estate Company, NORCHAR agents are always available to help! 



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