As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp in beautiful Upstate New York, it's time to prepare your home and yard for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Maintaining your property's curb appeal during this transition not only enhances its beauty but also ensures your home is ready for the colder months ahead. In this blog post, we'll explore a range of projects to help you seamlessly transition from summer to fall while keeping your Rochester, NY home looking vibrant and appealing.

1. Prune and Trim for a Tidy Yard:

Before the fall foliage arrives, take the opportunity to tidy up your yard. Late summer is the perfect time to prune and trim overgrown trees, shrubs, and flower beds. Remove dead branches and blooms, and consider hiring landscaping professionals to handle taller trees. This not only ensures a safer home during winter storms but also prevents unwelcome rodent nests in old foliage and sets the stage for a healthy lawn and perennials next spring.

Don't slack off in the fall either. Continue to pull weeds, rake leaves, and clean out gutters. Pressure washing your sidewalk, driveway, siding, and deck while the weather is still warm is a good idea. Then, as the chill sets in, be sure to sweep often and store away summer toys and gardening equipment.

2. Address Exterior Repairs:

With the trees bare during winter, any imperfections in your home's exterior will become more apparent. Take a step back, assess your property, and create a list of necessary projects. You might want to touch up paint or stain, fix broken pavers, replace damaged screens, patch gutters, or repair broken fencing, shutters, and railings.

Given the shorter daylight hours, it's crucial to replace burned-out bulbs in your outdoor lighting and consider increasing the wattage if possible. Add extra lighting, such as spotlights for your driveway or solar lighting for walkways, to ensure your property remains well-lit and safe.

3. Introduce Winter-Friendly Flowers:

Keep your landscape vibrant during the winter months by planting a variety of winter-friendly flowers. Whether in the ground, containers, or hanging pots, your yard can remain colorful. Consider evergreens like boxwood shrubs as a backdrop and add the following:

4. Embrace Autumn Accents:

You don't need to be a gardening expert to add a touch of autumn to your home's exterior. Place pumpkins, gourds, and cornstalks near your entryway or along garden paths for a seasonal touch. Consider buying or creating a fall-themed wreath for your front door. Enhance your seating areas with an outdoor rug, lanterns, and a basket of blankets. And for a cozy atmosphere during shorter days, install string lights. These small additions will work wonders for your yard's curb appeal.

5. Maintain a Lush Lawn:

Keep your lawn in top shape throughout the fall. Continue watering until sprinkler blowouts, typically in October in Upstate New York. Maintain your grass at a height of about 2.5 to 3 inches, preventing it from becoming susceptible to fungus and mold when covered with snow. Late summer and fall are also ideal times for overseeding thinning patches, aerating the soil, and applying high-quality fertilizer.

Pro Tip: Winterize your gas lawnmower by running it until it's out of gas, cleaning out dirt and clippings, and storing it in a cool, dry place away from combustibles.

Enjoy a Beautiful Winter:

By following these five essential projects, you can seamlessly transition your yard from summer to fall while maintaining its curb appeal throughout the colder months. This effort will not only impress visitors but also enhance your home's overall value and charm.

As a final tip, consider scheduling your full winter home preparation early. Arrange for a sprinkler blowout with a lawn care professional and secure future appointments for chimney, HVAC, and roofing specialists. Ensuring these systems are clean, serviced, and in good repair will prevent issues and damage when winter finally arrives in Upstate New York. Don't wait for a freeze warning; plan ahead for a cozy, worry-free winter season.