What is the number one reason to buy a House?

  1. Tax Incentives
  2. Building equity is the fastest way to wealth
  3. Stop renting and paying someone else's mortgage

Now reasons 1-3 are great reasons and some think the only reason to buy...but what about our fur babies?  

That's right, pet ownership is becoming a top contender for the reason to own a home!

According to a survey from TD Ameritrade, seven in ten millennials own a pet.  More than half (56%) are dog parents and over a third (36%) are cat parents.  Men are more likely to be pet owners than women.

Being a homeowner gives you the freedom to be a dog or cat owner because when you rent, you are subject to the rules of the landlord or perhaps live in fear because your beloved pet may or may not be a casualty of rental policy or restriction.

So go ahead, buy that house.  Start investing in your future and your own yard for your fur baby to roam freely!

Looking to adopt a pet?  Try looking for your furever friends at Lollypop Farm or Verona Street Animal Shelter...you'll be glad you did!